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Portfolio Entry Three: Concerns

Portfolio Entry Three: Concerns

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As the orientation phase of freshman year winds down officially with the introduction of assignments that will be turned in for a grade, what serves as my greatest excitement is the just the work in general. Although it sounds strange for a student to actually want to begin doing projects, papers, and oral presentations, it does not seem that way to me. Instead, by officially starting the work, we as  students can begin to remove the amount of days that exist from our calendars. Also, I am excited to demonstrate my new-found knowledge with my professors and peers in a creative manner.

Among my many concerns, the one that serves as the biggest for me is my perfectionism. Although it can be a blessing, sometimes it makes dealing with failure not the easiest thing to do. On top of that, college is a step higher than high school, so it will be more difficult to obtain the grades that I desire.

In addition to being a perfectionist, my other concern is time management. For the most part, I turn in all my assignments completed in a timely manner. However, the pressure that I place on myself to complete those tasks results in me not sleeping often.  Although a lack of sleep is not necessarily a concern for me, the pressure that I place on myself to do well is (and therefore something that I need to monitor).

Despite my concerns I am ready to get the ball rolling on my first semester as a college student.  Though some of the classes will be more difficult than those that I have taken in the past, I know that I have the determination, drive, and tenacity to well.

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