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Portfolio Entry Five: Discoveries (+/-)

Portfolio Entry Five: Discoveries (+/-)

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To start, I would like to touch on the fact of how quickly time has passed since I arrived to Agnes Scott College. To think that I am already half-way done with my first semester in college (and one-fourth a way done with my first year) is truly remarkable.  I have learned many lessons in the short time that I have been here. Among them, the most important one is to always remain true to the individual that you are.

Although college is the time to shift from the folly of adolescence to the responsibility of adulthood, all change that occurs during this time is not beneficial.  In fact, sometimes, people forsake their own self-integrity to be viewed as fun or exciting to others. It is not necessary  to undergo such changes just to perceived in that manner.  As long as an individual does not compensate herself for the sake of popularity or other trivial purposes, then that person will be a better and stronger person in the long run (because that individual already has the foundation in which she can continue to improve herself upon).

Another realization that I have made is that, surrounding one’s self with positive people is important. Although it was not difficult to meet and interact with people, because I can be an amiable person, it was more difficult to find people who I could trust and confide in. Despite the lapse of time it took to find them, I did find them and I am forever grateful to call them my friends (which is a word that I don’t loosely use).

Apart from the positives, the negatives that I encountered were not negatives that I have not encountered before. Instead, these experiences just refreshed their importance in my life. Among them, the most important was the importance of not being arrogant. Just because an individual does well once does not mean that it will occur again.  It requires an equal amount (and in some cases even more) effort to do well again. Although one should have humility at all times, there is no issue in relishing temporarily in the success that one achieves.

The most important lesson that I have learn (and relearned) so far is to not procrastinate. This is especially the case when an individual already knows what she has to do before the end of the semester. To wait to the last minute is to inflict unnecessary stress upon oneself. Furthermore, it is a misallocation of time.

My collegiate experience has been decent so far. Though I have made some mistakes, I have gained knowledge from the experience of those mistakes. When there are moments where life tends to be difficult, I try not to complain, because it could honestly be worse. Also, I know that these moments do not last, so the best way to handle these situations is to tackle them head-on.

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