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Portfolio Entry Eight: Difficult Material

Portfolio Entry Eight: Difficult Material

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My approach to overcoming material that I find to be difficult is to step back, reassess the situation, and then try again. Although it may appear to be a brief process, it actually occurs in stages, with the first stage being my attempt at the material before I declare it difficult. From there, I refrain from doing the material and then analyze what I am doing wrong.  After I discover the error, I try the material again using a different method. However, if the second method is not successful, then I will ask for guidance from a professor or a tutor.

The best example of this method in action is my difficulty with writing reaction papers. Although I did well on the first paper, I went through a period where my grades were slipping on the papers.  Prior to going to the professor, I began thinking about a new way to approach the writing of the reaction papers. From there, I began using the comments on my graded papers as advice that I could use for future papers.  Although I tried this new method, my grades were the same as before. As a result of the lack of improvement in my grade, I went to speak to my professor on the errors. I also went the Center for Writing and Speaking where a tutor worked with me on how to make my ideas clear and coherent on paper.

Since asking for advice (after my method failed), my overall writing skills have improved.  In addition to this, I have also become more concise with my ideas, diction, and syntax.  The method behind my madness is this: an individual owes it to herself to try to do something on her own before going to ask for help. However, if help is needed, do not be afraid to ask.

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